Can I Wake Surf Behind My Sea-doo?

Can I Wake Surf Behind My Sea-doo?

Wake surfing is all the rage now, it seems to have replaced waterskiing, wake boarding and knee boarding, and become the most recent boating trend. You may want to wakeboard, but don't have a huge expensive wake surf boat, but you have a personal watercraft, and have wondered can I wake surf behind my sea-doo? Can I ski behind my sea-doo? Can I tow a tube behind my sea-doo?

The simple answer to Can I wake surf behind my Sea-doo is yes! The fun is limitless with your little personal watercraft, no what brand you have. You can wakeboard, ski, pull a tube and wake surf behind your jet ski or personal watercraft. There are a few rules you will need to keep in mind before you grab your board and rush out to the river or lake. 

Just like a boat you will need to make sure you follow all the boater safety rules and licensing for Personal watercraft. Be sure you know the regulations about licensing and water safety certifications before you tow anyone behind your Jet ski or sea-doo.

The most important thing about towing anyone behind your Personal Water Craft is making sure you have enough seats on your PWC for a driver, spotter and the person you are towing. In most case, that means you can town a single skier, tuber or boarder. On a boat there is more room for passengers, so you can put multiple people behind the boat at once. It is suggested you purchase a single tube, if you are planning to tow tubers behind your sea-doo.

In, some case, we think it is easier to teach kids to ski behind a PWC because it is a more gentle pull out of the water. The down side to this is it is difficult to quickly get up to speed to pull an adult out of the water. 

So yes, you can ski, wake board and tube behind your sea-doo. Just make sure you are following all of your state regulations. Have fun and be safe on the water.

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