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What is Berry Compliance?

The Berry Amendment was implemented in 1941 in order to provide protection for the textile clothing production industry in the United States during times of war. Under the terms of this Amendment, the Department of Defense (DoD) is not permitted to utilize appropriated funds to obtain yarns, fabrics, fibers, clothing, other textiles, food, hand or measuring tools not produced, grown, reprocessed, or reused in the United States. Certain exceptions are available depending on the manufacturing inefficiencies, cost, or unavailability of domestically based production.

As a leader among industrial sewing contractors, the custom sewn products and services we provide at Boat Lines & Dock Ties are reflected in our understanding of the requirements and implications involving Berry Compliance.

Berry Compliance

In short, Berry Compliance helps spur consumers to purchase goods manufactured in the U.S. over those made in another country. The legislation of the Berry Amendment requires particular types of organizations to purchase certain products from manufacturing sources in the U.S. exclusively. These organizations may include custom sewing contractors, among others.

Both general and subcontractors are subject to the terms of the Berry Amendment. The various products covered by the Amendment include:

  • Natural fiber products, including cotton
  • Wool (yarn or fiber in materials; manufactured articles or fabrics)
  • Clothing, including its components and materials (i.e. underwear, outerwear, footwear, headwear, hosiery, and where, insignia, belts, and badges)
  • Woven silk
  • Woven silk blends
  • Spun silk yarn used in cartridge cloth
  • Coated synthetic fabric
  • All yarns in textile fibers used in coated synthetic fabrics
  • Any piece of equipment that contains or is used to manufacture the above-mentioned fibers, yarns, or materials made in the U.S.
  • Tents and their associated components, such as tarpaulins and covers

When is Berry Compliance Required?

Berry Compliance is only required if your project is involved with the Department of Defense or funds utilized by the DoD. Otherwise, you are not required to comply with the restrictions of the Berry Amendment.