Does My Dog Need A Life Jacket On A Boat?

Can My Dog Go On a Boat Without a Lifejacket?

Does My Dog Need a Life Jacket?

If you love your dog as much as you love your boat, it is very likely you will want you dog to enjoy your day on the water. So, you may be wondering, does my dog need to wear a life jacket on my boat, sea-doo or kayak. Although the simply answer to "Does My Dog Need a Lifejacket ?" is no, there are many factors to consider when deciding if you should take your dog on a boat without a lifejacket.


Most of the time it the safety rules for boating apply the same for all sizes of watercraft. It is important to make sure you take all safety precautions in mind when you take your dog on your boat. So the straight forward answer to can my dog go on a boat without a lifejacket is, yes a dog  can go on a boat without a lifejacket.  It is not always advisable to take your dog on your boat with out a life vest. 

Dogs with lifejackets

Things to consider when deciding if you dog should wear a lifejacket.

  • How far will we be from shore. If you will be close to shore and your dog is a good swimmer, and can easily swim to shore, you may be okay without a life vest. Keep in mind Dogs do tire easily when swimming.
  • Is your dog likely to jump overboard? Even the best trained dogs get distracted and want to chase you into the water when you jump into ski or wakeboard. They may see a fish or bird that causes them more temptation than they can resist and they chase after it. 
  • How strong of a swimmer is your dog? Some dogs are strong swimmers, but still can't get back to shore if they go overboard too far out on a lake or river. Keep in mind dogs don't tread water or float on their back like people, so if your dog goes in the water, they will have to be paddling the whole time. 
  • Size of your dog. Some dogs are water dogs and some are not. Little dogs have little legs and become easily exhausted. Some big dogs don't have enough fat to help keep them afloat and they have to work harder to keep swimming. 

Don't let your fun day on the water be ruined by a preventable mishap with your dog! 

Although dogs are not required to have a lifejacket on the water, it is advisable that they do wear a lifejacket on your boat.

Have Fun and Stay Safe on the Water!






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