How Do I Name My Boat? Tips and Tricks!

How Do I Name My Boat? Tips and Tricks!

Is it typical to be excited when naming your boat? Yes!! You've worked hard to purchase this incredible water vessel, it is going to be in your family for hopefully years, so it is important to take the time to find "just the right" name for your new treasure. It is a right of passage to name your boat and you want the name to illustrate you, your family, your values, your lifestyle. At first it seems easy, but naming your new boat baby can be a process. 

There are many suggestions and ideas out there that are very helpful when thinking of the perfect name for your new boat, yacht, or other water vessel. Make sure to do a little research, make the name personal in some way, and don't forget to have a christening after the boat's name has been written on the vessel. 

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TOP 6 Tips and Tricks to Name Your Boat

  1. Keep it Short. Be creative and unique, but don't make the name too difficult or too long. Using a single word is best, two to three words max. The name should fit on the transom or the back of your boat. If you were to ever make an emergency call on your onboard VHS radio, you want the responder to understand the name easily. Also by keeping the name short, you're making certain that your boating friends and family will remember your vessel's name.
  2. Keep it Clean. The name should never be racist, sexist, or include profane language. The name of your vessel reflects the boater that you are, keep it classy. 
  3. Have Fun with the Puns. Boating is an exciting lifestyle. When stepping foot on a boat, there is a sense of freedom and relaxation as well as an urge to have a really good time! Play around with the name of your boat. Here's some fun ones - Water U Lookin' At, Aboat Time, Pugboat, Sea Ya. If a glance at your transom makes boaters laugh, you've helped make the boating community even better. 
  4. Find Your Inspiration. Make it personal to you. Think of your family or friends, an experience in your life, a memorable place. Some refer to popular culture or their favorite move or show. For example, Margaritaville or The Codfather or Breaking Bass. You can really bring some wit to this process. These types of names bring character to your boat. 
  5. A Play on Words of your Profession. Many boaters name their boat that connects their profession or relates to their current job or the job they did before they retired. These names are entertaining. For example, Banker's Hours, In a Meeting, Burden of Proof, Judges Order's, or Billable Hours.  
  6. Location Is Key. After the naming of your water vessel is complete, now you need to decide on where to put it. Will it look better on the side of the boat, will it fit on the transom? Then research the many designs that are available for your boat name from the color scheme to the font. There is the DIY route or you can go with a professional.
Here's a list of the Top 10 Best Boat Names in 2021, Very Creative!
  • Andiamo - Italian word for "Let's go."
  • Social Distancing
  • Grace
  • Shenanigans
  • Cool Change
  • Island Time
  • Knot of Call
  • Mojo
  • Freedom
  • Serenity

You can always use this Boat names generator for cool boat name ideas & funny boat names.

Tips and Tricks on Naming Your Boat. Boat Lines & Dock Ties.

I hope the above information was useful. Naming your boat is an important, yet exciting task. As you can see, it is best to take some time thinking about and research names for your water treasure... but remember... have some FUN with it! And don't forget to christen your boat when appropriate. You can make it a great party, while welcoming your new boat into the beautiful boating community. 

(Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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