Is a Bungee Dock Tie My Next Purchase?

Is a Bungee Dock Tie My Next Purchase?

There can be a lot to think about when taking your boat out on the water, and it’s always a bonus to find a product that makes boat life easier. I think we may have found a product for you! The bungee dock tie is growing in popularity among the boating community. Is it time for you to make the switch and upgrade to a bungee dock tie?

For as long as boating has been around, the tradition rope (or line, as it’s referred to by boaters) has been a necessary piece of equipment. Your rope is either synthetic like nylon or polypropylene or even natural hemp. Your rope can be single or double braided, can be multi-colored, and can vary in size. A standard rope is sturdy and strong. It can be used for docking, pulling inflatables, and anchoring. However, there is one thing the traditional rope lacks – flexibility

The bungee dock tie (or otherwise known as the dock line) solves this problem with its elasticity. The bungee cord inside the tubular webbing is a key feature on the bungee dock tie because it allows the rope to stretch. The Boat Lines & Dock Ties brand bungee dock tie is the only bungee dock line on the market that uses a proprietary marine grade inner bungee cord, designed to not break down in the water. The bungee dock tie absorbs the energy created from stronger currents and rolling waves. This reduces wear and tear on the boat and dock cleats as well as the boat fenders. Because the flexible cord of the dock tie stretches, this also prevents the boat from being scratched or damaged by the dock.

Bungee Dock Tie
Bungee Dock Tie Features:
  • Heavy Duty Bungee Cord
  • Nylon Tubular Webbing for UV Protection
  • Double Stitched Looped Ends
  • Revolutionary Design Creates Adjustable Length
  • No-Tangle Storage
  • Long-Lasting Construction
Bungee dock ties will make launching and docking your prized possession a breeze. They're also great because you will no longer need to wrap a rope around the docking cleat multiple times, thus saving time out on the lake with family! The bungee dock tie is a great alternative to the traditional rope. 

 (Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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