Wavy Flag Partners with Boat Lines & Dock Ties

Partner Highlight: Wavy Flag! Premium Marine Poles, Mounts, & Flags

Partnering with another small business means everything to us. We met Ken Thompson, Owner of Wavy Flag, while on a trip to Cleveland Ohio. Ken had an opening in his day and welcomed a quick meeting. He took a chance on another small business and we are proud to say, it truly worked out!

Wavy Flag was incorporated in 2020 to produce the highest quality and best made flagpoles in the industry. The flagpole designs are built to last a lifetime while functioning perfectly under all conditions. Wavy Flag consists of a team of experts with decades of experience in quality design and engineering. Wavy Flag takes pride in that every flagpole is designed, engineered, and manufactured at their Ohio facility right here in the USA. 

These Burgee Rail Mount Flagpoles are crafted from 316 stainless steel bar and can quickly and easily mount to any standard boat railing. The pole itself is welded to their patented one-piece hinged clamp and the mounting screw is retained in the clamp, preventing it from accidentally falling into the water. Wavy Flag's patented design allows the flag to swivel and freely rotate 360 degrees around the pole regardless of wind direction. The attachment points are infinitely adjustable up and down the flagpole to accommodate any size flag.

Followed by the burgee pole, Ken and his team patented the Rocket Launcher Flagpole. This is a flagpole that fits into a standard fishing holder. Wavy Flag then introduced flags to its portfolio of products, which were made to go along with their patented flagpoles. These flag designs are fun and entertaining for both fishing and recreational boaters. They can even create a custom logo flag for your company. As of today, Wavy Flag not only sells flagpoles and flags, but flagpole mounts, boating tools, and boating hardware. 

Boat Lines & Dock Ties and Wavy Flag have created a fantastic partnership! Due to our company similarities, it makes it very easy to work together. Both Boat Lines & Dock Ties and Wavy Flag are run by small business owners with entrepreneurial backgrounds, every product is engineered and crafted on-site in the USA, and each company uses marine grade, quality raw material. Both pride themselves on excellent customer service as well. Their boating families mean everything to both of these companies and they will not stop striving to make each and every customer a happy one!

After many talks with Ken, we realized very quickly that he is an inspiring developer and creator. He is a problem solver and fixer by trade. Ken is a hard worker who knows his limits and is not afraid to ask others for help. His primary purpose is to solve the issue and make it better. This is why it's easy to partner with Ken at Wavy Flag.

"I love what I do. I enjoy solving problems which lead to new products. I never want to stop learning because that might mean I would need to slow down. It is refreshing to partner with a company like Boat Lines & Dock Ties because we have a similar vision. They have incredible products and a great team of people to work with," stated Ken Thompson, Owner of Wavy Flag. 

Lisa Wilber, Co-Owner of Boat Lines & Dock Ties states, "I love working with entrepreneurs and Ken Thompson is truly an incredible innovator. I appreciate Ken's feedback on our products and I love how our teams work together. Soon we will be crafting a new bungee line that will compliment Wavy Flag's new flagpole. I think we have just scratched the surface of what our two companies can make together."

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Wavy Flag to create two unique products that will compliment one another. This is why we went into business... relationships are everything!

(Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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