‘Tis the Season to Winterize Your Boat!

‘Tis the Season to Winterize Your Boat!

You may be wondering... should I winterize my boat? Regardless of where you live and your local climate, winterizing your boat is highly recommended. Consider the following 5 points when it comes to keeping your boat in tip-top condition through the winter months.

  • FLUSH AND DRAIN WATER - Make sure all water is drained from your vessel. Excess water will freeze due to expansion and may cause damage to your boat.
Remember to also drain any fresh water plumbing sources that your boat may have—heads, sinks, tanks, etc.
  • REMOVE THE PLUGS – If the vessel is in storage ashore, remember to remove the drain plugs. Not only will excess water expand and freeze, but the extra weight of the water could potentially pop the tires on the trailer or damage the trailer axles. The plugs are usually located in the engine block or manifold. When boating season starts back up, make sure all plugs are plugged back in before launch.
  • DRAIN FUEL – Drain all fuel from your engine. Fuel can break down into a sticky substance and varnish can build up in your engine within a few months-time. Ensuring no issues, you will want to apply a corrosion protection to your engine – add a high-quality marine fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel deterioration. Then refuel your vessel and run your engine to disperse fresh fuel throughout the system.
  • FOGGING THE ENGINE – It is very important to protect the internal engine components from freezing. Fogging oil is a waxy oil you can spray into your engine, which will create a film to protect the engine from corrosion during the winter months. Spray every part of the motor carefully – the carburetor, spark plugs, etc.
  • COVER VESSEL FOR THE WINTER – Cover your vessel with a durable cover, preferably 100% water proof and breathable. A secondary option would be to shrink wrap your boat.

Each boat is different. Please refer to your owner’s manual as each vessel is unique and yours may have specific requirements or recommendations.

(Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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