When is the Best Month to Buy Your Boat?

When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Boat?

Is there really a better time of year to buy a boat? Each season can have its own advantages, but some months are better than others for financial reasons and availability of inventory. It is very beneficial to know if it's better to buy a boat in the beginning of spring, at the end of summer, during the cool months of fall, or in the middle of winter. Why not get the best deal you can?!

Summer is probably known to be the worst season to purchase a watercraft. During June, July, and August boating season is in full-swing, it's hot, the lakes are alive, and nobody wants to be inside. In turn, watercrafts are in high demand and are being sold without discounts, some with increased prices. 

Spring comes in at a close second. In March, April, and May watercrafts are usually being sold close to full price, but you can find some discounts compared to the middle of summer. Buying a boat in the spring time allows you just enough time to be prepared for boating season, check out 7 Items You Must Have on Your Boat. It would also be beneficial to learn Crucial Rules of Boating and How to Beach or Offshore Anchor Your Boat before you take your new boat out for the first time. 

Winter may seem like an unusual time to buy a watercraft, but to some people this is a great time. Boat-show season is between January and March each year. Boat shows bring together a large selection of watercrafts from manufacturers all around the world. These shows are strategically located and usually held in large venues. This allows guests to look at lots of boats/watercrafts from different companies without going from one location to another. Guests can explore various models of watercrafts ranging in price, size, and style. Some exhibitors show off new boat models and display the latest features, while other dealers are trying to sell their year-end inventory, so there is usually a chance for a quality deal.

The overall consensus is that FALL is the absolute best time to buy a boat! During September and October, most manufacturers start offering discounts and price reductions on water vessels. The demand begins to decline and dealers often provide incentives for buyers in the form of discounts and large mark downs. This goes for not only boats, but for all types of watercrafts. Another benefit of buying in the fall is that dealerships are trying to clear their inventory to prepare for next year's models and you're sure to find a few good deals. We also see this exact strategy each January. The holidays are over and folks are more focused on packing up their decorations for next year, instead of looking to purchase new holiday items this year. The individuals who held off on buying holiday items in fall (which are usually at full-price), score in a BIG way when doing their holiday decorations after the December holidays. 

In addition to the superior pricing, when buying a boat in the fall you can use the entire off-season to install equipment and accessories. You can also ensure that there is plenty of time to get the boat ready before the start of next boating season.

When is the best time to buy a boat?

There are many resources to reference when buying a boat. Check out Boat Buyer's Guide which includes a boat buying step-by-step process.

A lot of planning and research goes into buying a water vessel, whether it be your first or third watercraft, this process is still a very important decision... so take your time and do your homework!!

 (Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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