Don't Beach Your Boat or PWC! Try This New Way to Tie Up at the Beach!

Don't Beach Your Boat or PWC! Try This New Way to Tie Up at the Beach!

Many boaters and personal watercraft users drive their boat right up to the shore and beach their boat. You may have seen many people now off shore anchoring and wonder why. Why should I use an anchor bungee line? Anchor bungee lines have become a popular way to secure boats for many reasons. Read on to see why so many people are using anchor bungee lines instead of pulling the boat right up to the shore.

Here are a few reason, why so many people using anchor bungee lines?

  1. Off shore anchoring with a bungee anchor line protects the bottom of your boat. Your boat, Jet Ski or PWC is a big financial investment. You want to make sure you protect that investment. When you pull up on shore, you could encounter rocks or debris that could cause major scuffing or damage to the bottom of your boat.
  2. You favorite spot on the lake most likely does not have a dock to tie off. You don't want to relax on the beach only to see your boat drifting away from the shore. Many boaters know the feeling of their heart racing as they jump up to catch their boat from drifting off. 
  3. It is unusual to have perfect still water all day. The incoming waves from wind or boat wake cause boat to rock back and forth on the shore and cause undue damage to the hull of the boat.

How do I use a Bungee Anchor Line?

Using a bungee anchor line is fairly straight forward and easy. You will attach your anchor to your bungee anchor line off shore. The distance depend on the amount of stretch in your line and the water depth. Slowly allow your boat to coast toward the shore. Make sure you have a rope on the front of your boat. Let everyone our on shore and hold the rope, allowing the bungee to pull the boat back off shore. Use your bow line to tie off your boat. There are many great shore anchor systems to tie off to. We particularly like the Sand docker anchor. It is easy to put into the ground and stays secure to hold your boat well. 

Each boat is different. Please refer to your owner’s manual as each vessel is unique and yours may have specific requirements or recommendations.

(Remember to inspect your boat lines and dock ties and replace as needed. Boat lines and dock ties weather and weaken over time.)

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