8 Amazing American Made Boating Products

8 Amazing American Made Boating Products

With the warming weather, its time to take inventory of what you need for a great day out on your boat. There are many must have items like dock lines, fenders, boat ropes, anchors and life jackets. Then there are the fun additional items like tubes, floating mats, bbq grills, wake shapers, flags and more.

We have put together a list of 8 great made in the USA Boating Products, check it out!

1. Boat Dock Fenders / Bumpers - If you just put a lot of money into buying your dream boat, the last thing you want is to have it banging against the dock. Polyform US makes great boating fenders of all shapes and sizes. If you need rope to tie off you fenders check out the Boat Lines and Dock Ties double braided nylon rope fender lines.
American made double braided nylon boat docking tie off rope
2. Life Jackets - Every boater knows life jackets save lives. Plus every boat must have a life jacket for each person on board your boat. Life jackets don't need to be fancy, but they should be coast guard approved. If you want a great general purpose made in USA life jacket check out the ONYX general purpose life jackets. How to choose a Lifejacket? 


3. Boat Dock Bungee Lines - Made in Bend, Oregon! Get the best docking lines on the market. These bungee lines are made with all American made raw material. The outer nylon webbing jacket protects the inner bungee cord. All reviews say, this product out lasts all other import bungee dock ties. If you have never used bungee dock lines to tie off your boat, these will be a treat for you. The bungee absorbs the the shock of the incoming wakes and lessens the pull of the strain on the dock  and boat cleats.

4. Sand Docker Sand Anchor.- Do you want to protect the bottom of your boat? Many boaters are opting for off shore anchoring and using an anchor bungee line to buddy up with their anchor rope or chain, pull into shore tie off and let the bungee line pull the boat back out to rest in the water. This prevents the boat from getting tossed about on the shore from incoming wakes. The key to this process is having a secure place to tie off on shore. Sanddocker anchors are an easy Made in USA way to create a secure anchor point to tie off.

Sand Docker Bungee Line Boat Lines & Dock Ties

5. Maxiglide Boat Guard- Always looking for easy ways to wax the boat and prevent or remove oxidation. From the makers of the wildly popular Maxiglide Ski wax, we have grown to love Maxiglide Boat Guard. One step waxing process, environmentally friendly, not putting offensive chemicals in the water. See more details here.

6. Wavy Flag - is an American made boat flag pole manufacture. They make amazing stainless steel flag poles in Ohio.  If you are looking for a way to fly your American flag or burgee they have a variety of style choice.

7. Floating Boat Mats.- We found Aqua Lily Pad is a great American made brand. There are many mat choices out there. They are not all created equal. spend a little extra and get many years out of your floating foam mat.


8. Wake Shapers - Wakeboarding has become a mainstream water sport. Now everyone is trying to get their boat to make the perfect wave to surf. There are many great wake surfing basllast add to your boat. Take a look at another made in Bend, Oregon Company. Wake Makers makes great wake shapers. 

Get quality, support American Made Boating Products!

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